Recommended Device for Learning to Program

Discussion in 'ASP .Net Mobile' started by Siegfried Heintze, Oct 12, 2004.

  1. What is a recommeded model of pocket PC or phone to get started with
    software developmenet for mobile devices?
    Siegfried Heintze, Oct 12, 2004
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  2. Broad question that probably doesn't have a simple answer, but here are some
    quick thoughts:
    - if you want to play around with things, you can use the emulator that you
    get w/ development environments like eMbedded Visual C++ or Visual Studio
    ..NET 2003. you don't need a device.
    - most recent PPCs will be fine for most general development
    - some Smartphones aren't unlocked for development (so it can be hard to run
    third party apps), so if you're interested in one of these devices, make
    sure you do enough research so you're not disappointed.

    also, all of the above assumes you're doing client-side development -
    writing apps that run on devices - using something like eVC or VS .NET, not
    doing ASP .NET work (this newsgroup's focus). there are better newsgroups
    for application development, like (among others)
    microsoft.public.pocketpc.developer, and
    Andrew Enfield \(MS\), Oct 12, 2004
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  3. Thanks! I've recieved responses on similar queries for those other
    newsgroups you mentioned. I suppose, however, if I'm going to buy a Pocket
    PC or phone, that I'll want to experiement and learn about server side too.
    Can someone give me a URL to give me an overview of server side issues for
    mobil clients? Obviously, I would expect WAP and WML programming to be a bit
    topic for this newsgroups. Are there other topics of concern for server side
    mobile client programmers?

    Can Visual Studio help me develop WAP/WML sites?

    Is WAP/WML strickly an issue for phones, or do other devices use this
    technology too?
    Siegfried Heintze, Oct 13, 2004
  4. This newsgroup _is_ the correct newsgroup for the ASP .NET WAP/WML (and
    cHTML, etc.) functionality. Through this technology, you can use VS .NET to
    author with WAP/WML. I have a page on a personal site that uses this
    functionality and I view it from my phone just fine.

    That's not a complete answer to your question, but hopefully it helps - you
    can find out more with more research.
    Andrew Enfield \(MS\), Oct 15, 2004
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