Record from sound input (nothing to do with web app.)


Guillaume Nargeotq

Hello, I would like to create a little script with ruby, that would run
on my computer - nothing to do with the web - and that would just record
the audio stream from the internal microphone of the computer.
After this, I would like to make this script a windows service, and to
be able to plan when to record, but anyway for this part I think I found
enough documentation.

Recording sound from the internal microphone is the part where I need
some help... because I couldn't find anything about it.
Is there some library that already exists to be able to access to the
microphone sound input ?
Or is there a simple executable that I might execute using the %x()
syntax of ruby, and that can do what I need ? Maybe something like
mencoder ?

Concerning the recording audio format, I would prefer direct mp3
recording/encoding, like 64kbit/s rate or more...

Thank you in advance.



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