Send sms to Website?



Hi EverBody:

I serached the internet for how can I send sms message to website through
the last three weeks but I did not find any thing about this topic all what I
found how can I send sms from website to cell phone using sms gateway and Web
Services untill I become an expert in this filed. But the thing that I am
looking for still did not find any thing about it so :

Is there any one have an idea about how can I send sms message to Website?
if this Idea is applicable of course?

any help will be completlly appreciated.





bruce barker

the website will need a gsm modem, and the sms gateway software of your
choosing. a quick google shows lots of solutions. you could also look
for a hosted sms gateway (not sure of the cost - google voice is the
only free one I know about)

-- bruce (

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