One method you can use is to connect to an SMS API provider from your
web application, which will enable you to send SMS via an internet
connection, typically using a protocol like HTTP; You can try Nexmo
SMS API, it supports HTTP REST and SMPP and we have documentation
published in our website with information and examples on how to
connect and send, which for a programmer in any language can be pretty

Examples for Python are still to come to the documentation page,
however, you can try github and find code to send sms for python in
github. e.g.

With Nexmo, you can send to 200 countries, and it has Long Numbers
available in a few countries for inbound traffic.You need to have a
CallBack URL for inbound to which Nexmo sends a request for each
incoming message to your long number.

It is a pay as you go service, so you decide how much you need to buy
to send SMS (pricing per country/operator is on the website). For
inbound, you pay per long number monthly (not per message). The end
user does not pay for receiving.

Hope this helps.


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