Setting folder permissions on remote machine / remote domain


Tim Chandler

Hello there,

I have the following problem:
I have Machine A which runs my website. I have Machine B which holds
folders for users. Machine A and Machine B are in separate domains.

My goal:
From the website on Machine A, I want to create folders on Machine B,
and set the permissions to a specific user who resides in the domain
Machine B is part of.

So far I can create the folders without problems. When I go to set
the permissions, I am attempting to impersonate the Administrator
account on Machine B (from the website on Machine A). I have set
Machine A to let ASPUSER
"act as part of the operating system". I believe my inheritance code
works because if I inherit a user on Machine A, the inheritance works,
but then of course the command to set the folder permissions doesn't.

If I read correctly at Microsoft's website, one cannot use LogonUser
to logon to a remote machine (in this case, I tried it with Machine
B). Is there a way to impersonate the Administrator on Machine B
(which is in a separate domain)? Or is there a much easier way to set
the permissions on a remote folder for a remote user that I'm not

Thanks for any advice folks can offer.

Tim Chandler
(e-mail address removed)


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