Shared variable cannot be declared before the protected type body

Discussion in 'VHDL' started by Paul Uiterlinden, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. Since the availability of PROTECTED SHARED variables in VHDL I have been
    using them. Below is an example of a global failure counter that can be
    incremented and read (but not set or reset). To make it globally available,
    it is put in a package. My verification components will increment this
    counter when errors are encountered. The counter is read in the testbench
    at the end of the simulation to produce a PASS/FAIL message.

    So far, so good.

    Until version 6.3b of ModelSim arrived.

    Now I get this error message:

    ** Error: errcount_pkg.vhd(6): (vcom-1257) Shared
    variable "global_failure_counter" of protected
    type "global_failure_counter_type" cannot be declared before the protected
    type body.

    This is the code:

    PACKAGE errcount_pkg IS
    TYPE global_failure_counter_type IS PROTECTED
    PROCEDURE inc;
    IMPURE FUNCTION value RETURN natural;
    END PROTECTED global_failure_counter_type;
    SHARED VARIABLE global_failure_counter : global_failure_counter_type;
    END PACKAGE errcount_pkg;

    PACKAGE BODY errcount_pkg IS
    TYPE global_failure_counter_type IS PROTECTED BODY
    VARIABLE count : natural;

    count := count + 1;

    RETURN count;
    END FUNCTION value;
    END PROTECTED BODY global_failure_counter_type;
    END PACKAGE BODY errcount_pkg;

    The release notes have the following to say:

    VHDL Defects Repaired in 6.3b
    * In prior releases the VHDL compiler allowed a variable of a protected
    type to be created prior to declaring the body. This is common if a
    package is used to declare the protected type header and a shared
    variable of that type is also declared within the package header. The
    simulation could crash or generate incorrect results when this
    happened. The vcom switch -allowProtectedBeforeBody allows the old
    behavior but the simulator can still crash or generate incorrect

    So I can use this switch. But everytime I have a crash I will wonder if it
    is caused by this kind of code (although I have been using this style for
    quite some while).

    I could split the package in two and put the shared variable in the second
    package, but I don't want to do that, really. Alternatively, I could move
    the shared variable to the body, and use additional wrapper subprograms.
    Not very attractive either.

    What I would like to know first, is whether my code is compliant with the
    standards or not.

    As I do not have the 2002 LRM, I cannot check whether this code style is
    really not allowed, or Mentor Graphics is taking a short cut by opting the
    easy way out.

    Any ideas whether my code is IEEE Std 1076-2002 compliant or not?

    Oh, wait a minute, there is the much forgotten verror command:

    % verror 1257
    vcom Message # 1257:
    IEEE Std 1076-1993 Type declarations:
    Elaboration of a protected type body has no effect other than to
    establish that the body, from then on, can be used during the
    elaboration of objects of the protected type.
    In particular (but not exclusively), this rule prevents a package
    declaration from containing both a protected type declaration and a
    (shared) variable declaration of that type; this is because a protected
    type body cannot be declared in a package declaration
    Use the "-allowProtectedBeforeBody" compiler switch to disable this
    check; however, indeterminate results are possible if this rule is

    This seems pretty convincing, but if anyone has ideas to share, I would like
    them to hear.
    Paul Uiterlinden, Sep 13, 2007
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  2. Paul Uiterlinden

    Jim Lewis Guest

    Paul Butler submitted a similar issue to ISAC a while back.
    The following link contains the ISAC analysis of the situation:

    Note that the ISAC analysis concludes with:
    Should compelling use cases be identified, a requirement
    for language enhancement may be forwarded to the VASG.

    So perhaps you could submit your example to ISAC through
    the link at:

    Please reference IR2119 when you do.

    You, as a senior member of the VHDL community, can get a free
    copy of the standard in return for donating some of your time
    and helping work on the next set of revisions :). The
    technical work is currently being worked through Accellera - your
    participation would be valued.

    Jim Lewis, Sep 17, 2007
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  3. Ah, thanks for this link!
    I will do that.
    Oh my, so many toys, so little time! :)
    Paul Uiterlinden, Sep 17, 2007
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