Shed Skin (restricted) Python-to-C++ compiler 0.0.29

Discussion in 'Python' started by Mark Dufour, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. Mark Dufour

    Mark Dufour Guest

    Hi all,

    I have just released Shed Skin 0.0.29, with the following changes.
    Thanks to those mentioned for helping out!

    - datetime implementation (Karel Heyse, Pavel Vinogradov, FFAO, David Marek)
    - ConfigParser implementation (suggested by Albert Hofkamp)
    - staticmethod and property decorator support (Seo Sanghyeon)
    - GCC 4.3 fixes (Seo Sanghyeon, Winterknight)
    - FreeBSD, OpenSolaris and 64-bit support
    - support for mapping keys('%(key)x' % some_dict)
    - improvements to the import mechanism for nested modules (e.g. os.path)
    - __init__ is now less of a special case
    - many fixes for calling ancestor methods (e.g. __init__)
    - all example programs now compile to extension modules
    - avoid stack overflows for highly recursive/dynamic types
    - re.sub now accepts a replacement function
    - remove tuple hash caching (as CPython does not do this)
    - many, many bugfixes

    This has been a significant release, with many important improvements.
    Please see my latest blog entry with more details:

    I would really like to receive more bug reports. Please try out the
    new release, and file issues at the project homepage:

    More coding help is also always welcome. One important feature I'd
    really like to have for a 0.1 release is custom class support in
    extension modules..

    Mark Dufour, Sep 30, 2008
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  2. Not to sound negative, but what's with the 0.0.x version numbers ?
    Maybe it's just me, but seeing a zero major/minor version give me the
    impression of experimental/pre-alpha project, which (from my very
    limited knowledge) doesn't do justice to shedskin's current state.

    Regardless, congrats for this great effort, hope it gains more
    prominence in the future!

    George Sakkis, Sep 30, 2008
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  3. Mark Dufour

    srepmub Guest

    I know of too many bugs to be comfortable calling it 0.1 just yet..
    And I really want to improve extension module support (as mentioned)
    first. There's not much else holding back a 0.1 release.

    srepmub, Oct 1, 2008
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