Store Carriage Returns as <br /><br /> or <p></p>



I have a multi line text in an admin page on my cms.

I am trying to capture carriage returns as and replace them with
<p></p> bfore the string gets written to the database.

I have tried all the charcontrols option and chr(13) with success.. was
using the following code:

Dim s As String = MyTextbox.Text

s = "<p>" & s & "</p>"
s.Replace(ControlChars.CrLf & ControlChars.CrLf, "</p><p>")
s.Replace(ControlChars.Lf, "<br />")
s.Replace("\n", "<br />")
s.Replace(ControlChars.Cr & ControlChars.Cr, "</p><p>")
s.Replace(ControlChars.NewLine, "<br />")
s.Replace(ControlChars.VerticalTab, "<br />")
s.Replace(Chr(13), "<br />")

I have tried all the above, but non have worked.

The only work around i have found is to perform a string.replace when
displaying on the webpage by the following:

<%# container.dataitem("MyTextField").replace(chr(13),"<br />") %>

This works but is not ideal as it means i have to hard code each page.

How do i do this?



Dave Fancher

If you look at the documentation for String.Replace()
you'll see that it the return value of the method is "A string equivalent to
this instance but with all instances of oldValue replaced with newValue."
In other words, the method does not change the original string, it returns
the string with the replacements. When you use it with your databinding
code, the runtime is rendering the output of the replace method.

You'll need to store the results of the method somewhere if you intend to
use them (write them to a database):
s = s.Replace(...)
s = MyTextbox.Text.Replace(...)



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