Subject: mrjob v0.2.6 released


Jimmy Retzlaff

What is mrjob?
mrjob is a Python package that helps you write and run Hadoop Streaming jobs.

mrjob fully supports Amazon's Elastic MapReduce (EMR) service, which
allows you to buy time on a Hadoop cluster on an hourly basis. It also
works with your own Hadoop cluster.

Some important features:

* Run jobs on EMR, your own Hadoop cluster, or locally (for testing).
* Write multi-step jobs (one map-reduce step feeds into the next)
* Duplicate your production environment inside Hadoop
* Upload your source tree and put it in your job's $PYTHONPATH
* Run make and other setup scripts
* Set environment variables (e.g. $TZ)
* Easily install python packages from tarballs (EMR only)
* Setup handled transparently by mrjob.conf config file
* Automatically interpret error logs from EMR
* SSH tunnel to hadoop job tracker on EMR
* Minimal setup
* To run on your Hadoop cluster, install simplejson and make sure
$HADOOP_HOME is set.

More info:

* Install mrjob: python install
* Documentation:
* PyPI:
* Development is hosted at github:

What's new?
v0.2.6, 2011-05-24 -- fix bootstrapping mrjob
 * Set Hadoop to run on EMR with --hadoop-version (Issue #71).
  * Default is still 0.18, but will change to 0.20 in mrjob v0.3.0.
 * New inline runner, for testing locally with a debugger
 * New --strict-protocols option, to catch unencodable data (Issue #76)
 * Added steps_python_bin option (for use with virtualenv)
 * mrjob no longer chokes when asked to run on an EMR job flow running
Hadoop 0.20 (Issue #110)
 * mrjob no longer chokes on job flows with no LogUri (Issue #112)


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