ANN: PySmell 0.7.2 released, many TextMate improvements


Orestis Markou

I'm very proud to announce the release of PySmell v0.7.2, now with
extra goodness.


* TextMate's dialog no longer errors when dealing with a huge number
of entries.
* New --input allows mutation of existing PYSMELLTAGS file; useful
to run after a file is saved
* Analyze the current file when detecting completion type; more up-
to-date suggestions
* TextMate now completes a word rather than re-writing it.
* TextMate honours TM_PYTHON - no need to set PATH
* Fixes in pysmell.vim by Krzysiek Goj; Thanks!
* Bundle ez_setup for people that don't have setuptools.
* Use rather than hand-rolled option parsing
* Fixed issue 18 (tabs)

PySmell is an auto-completion library for Python, meant to be plugged
in different editors. It uses static analysis to generate a TAGS file
for your code, and uses that to give you suggestions. It's very fast
--- suggestions are instantaneous and analyzing Django 1.0 takes ~15

Download from PyPI:
Issue tracking at Google Code:
Development at GitHub:


"python install", then copy pysmell.vim, pysmell.el in the
relevant places, or double click PySmell.tmbundle.

More instructions included in README.markdown.

Orestis Markou


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