Sun Releases Details of new Distro License for Java


At JavaOne, Sun has released details of their new Distro License or
Java (DLJ) that will make it easier for Linux and OpenSolalris to
distribute Java with their distributions. Popular Linux distributions,
including Ubuntu, Debian, and Gentoo, have signed on and will be
distributing packages for their operating systems.

The new license was developed in cooperation with and for use by many
of the distributions in the Linux community.

"This new license shows that Sun and the Java technology world care
about GNU/Linux and open source platforms and are willing to put aside
philosophical differences and get down to business," said Mark
Shuttleworth, founder and sponsor of the Ubuntu GNU/Linux distribution,
the most-downloaded GNU/Linux in the world for the last eight months.
"This eliminates one of the biggest roadblocks to wider use of the Java
platform on free and open source operating system platforms and makes
Java technology a more attractive foundation on which to build new
projects and innovations."

Debian also expressed enthusiasm over the new license:

"We are really pleased to see Sun's increasing involvement in the free
software community, from the opening of the Solaris Operating System
source and now the re-licensing of Java technology to be compatible
with GNU/Linux distributions, and are looking forward to building
stronger ties with the Sun community in the future", said Anthony
Towns, Debian Project Leader.

The new licensing allows the packaging format, install locations, and
other such distro specific details to be determined by the
distributions themselves.

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