Testing a mobile device on test servers



i have developed an asp.net web app which i have basically tested on an
emulator to see how it will be displayed on a mobile devices' browser....can
anyone please point me to the right place where i can test my application..
as my application needs to interface with an sms /mms server to get data from
a mobile device (such as a mobile phone or PDA which i will be using to
conduct my beta live test) and the sms/mms server connects connects and sends
the data to my website which immediately calls up my application (waiting for
the requests processes it and passes the processed data back to the mobile
device via the sms/mms server?

like applications used to get ringtones and screen savers onto mobile phones
(cell phones to you if you are in the states) where clients pay and receives
the recent ring tones...

are there any free sites where you can setup and test these sort of
Application? this is my first application that receives, processes and
delivers mobile content mobile devices can any of you esteemed members help?

setup is:


mobile device-----makes a request--->sms/mms server---request,mobileID &

Website/myapp--->Processes data

final step:
website/myapp---response+processed data& parameters +ID--->sms/mms
server--->response +processed data -----> mobile device

thats pretty much the setup, also i need to know which protocols to use
between mobile devices and sms/mms server, and the sms/mms server and the

such as Wap ,wml--->soap,http.
i am currently researching these.


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