This Post Discussion software; how should i change it in its folders and files coded paths so everybody who runs it; gets no errors ?

Apr 12, 2022
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This Software was programmed with Visual Studio Community. The software i programmed is in spanish so you must translate it to help me; the software is made with Windows Forms APP (.NET Framework) template; using .NET 6.0 as it framework; and the below part of the template description says C# ,Windoes, Desktop; what i am trying to program is a windows type functional graphica using C#; that creates a software where in a box there is the tajmal image and below it inside the box there is the question "What place or person of general cuture is it?; it is positioned as a horizontal line question, below it there are 3 buttons that are positioned forming a horizontal line; one buttom says Mahoma; other button says tajhamal other button says isaacnewton if clic on the button that doesn´t says tajmahal this reproduce a same sound an shows a same sad face and if i make clic in the button that says tajmahal it reproduce a aiother osubd and shows a happy face; the github repository location is

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