Upgradeing a published website using ftp. Many questions


Cal Who

I published my website using vs2010.
I checked the box that made it upgradeable.

As a check I ftp copied default.aspx and default.aspx.vb to the site
replacing the published files.

Looks like it still works.

So I can update the site files using ftp?

I noticed there is no App_Code folder.

Suppose I need to update something in that folder, can I? How?

I also noticed there is a file: PrecompiledApp.config

Might I ever want to delete that file?

What is it for?

Would it make sense to delete all the files and ftp the entire site to the
host. Can a site be uploaded that way? Is there a down side to uploading
that way?

The host had generated a Blog virtual folder that got deleted when I
published. can I just create a new folder called Blog or is there something
that can only be done by the host?

Thanks in advance for any answers

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