User Certificate Mapping From IIS to asp.Net Application



Hello all,

I have an application running on an IIS 6 web server that is
configured to "Require client certificates". Is there any way in my
application that I can retrieve the certificate the client provided to the
web server? I'm very new to configuring IIS to use a PKI when verifying a
client's identity, so I figured I would ask here and see if I'm completely
off base with what I have in mind.

What I would like to do is query the certificate the client provided to the
web server and use the information in the certificate (email address,
friendly name, etc...) to validate a logon against a user account in AD,
ADAM or some other database. Is this type of configuration possible or does
IIS not pass the client certificate down to the app? I'm not even
sure whether or not this functionality was intended for this purpose. Any
insight, hints, tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




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