Using python for a CAD program


Dan Fabrizio


I saw your post from last year about using python for a EE CAD program. What
were your conclusions? I'm thinking about converting a Java CAD program I
developed to Python with wxPython and C. I want to use C for the database
storage and manipulation and wxPython for the GUI and user scriptable

I have also done something like with Tcl/Tk and C but think Python is much
more modern and wxPython widgets look very professional and OO programming
is very important to me.

What did you decide to do? What language and what GUI libraries did you

I would appreciate any suggestions or advice.

Dan Fabrizio
ASIC Engineer
Aviom Inc. 1157 Pheonixville Pike.
West Chester, Pa. 19380
Phone 610 738 9005 ext. 292
Fax 610 738 9950


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