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Guido Pederzini

Hi all,
my problem is in the validation of a textbox in a gridview. I have to check
a quantity that must be a positive number greater than zero.

In the XML I have used in a ItemTemplate a TextBox with
1) RequiredFieldValidator (for the existence)
2) CompareValidator (for the positive number)
3) RegularExpressionValidator (it's must be a number)

The problem is that when I fire the "OnClick" event , all the textbox in the
gridview display the error message associated to the failed validation, and I
want that only the row in which I have clicked display it.

I've found a workaround, in the code behind i check all the rules and I
display an alert with Javascript, but I would know if it's possible to
control, with the validator, only the row that fired the onclick

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!
Guido Pederzini


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