VS.NET 2003 + IIS 5.1 - A connection with server could not be established

Discussion in 'ASP .Net' started by Godzilla, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. Godzilla

    Godzilla Guest

    Hi all,

    My problem is when I open a ASP.NET Project in VS.NET 2003, it shows up
    "A connection with server could not be established". Both new projects
    and existing project are not working!

    I am using VS.NET 2003 with buildin .NET framwork 1.1 on a machine with
    IIS 5.1. However, since I want to develop ASP.NET 2.0, I downloaded the
    ..NET framework 2.0. I didn't try the connection before I install the
    ..NET framwork 2.0. However, I used VS.NET 2003 + IIS 5.1 + ASP.NET 1.1
    before with no problem, i think the problem is due to the configuration
    of the comp.

    I have tried to use this solution:

    Open VS.NET 2003 and go to TOOLS ->OPTIONS
    Select PROJECTS and goto WEB SETTINGS
    In proxy server section check the "Bypass proxy server for local
    addresses". If it is grayed out, check "Use proxy server....." option
    but leave the address and port fields blank. Then check the second
    option and select OK for every window. You should be good to go...

    However, it does not work for me.Therefore, I tried to shut the
    firewall down, but it still not working!

    I want to ask if there are still any althernative solution for this


    Godzilla, Sep 8, 2006
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