w3schools chuckle




Beauregard T. Shagnasty

Sherm said:
LOL! Maybe they should have *used* that element to grammar check
their own site... :)

It probably would have passed... <g>

Dictionerys can't help wiht feral aposstropies.

Jukka K. Korpela

freemont said:
I was just looking over some html5 information and came across this at

The w3schools site contains material that looks simple enough to charm the
and contains sufficiently errors to mislead him seriously. For an expert, it
might be an occasional source of (unintentional) dark humor.
spellcheck: New
Specifies if the element must have it's spelling or grammar checked.

It looks amusing, but in a completely different way than in the real HTML 5
draft. There they say, in a fairly complex manner, but still, that this
attribute is intended for elements that are editable by the user, such as
form input fields:

And browsers actually do such things these days. So it is not absurd at all
to consider describing such behavior and even standardizing it in part as
well as giving authors some possibility of affecting it. What's funny is the
way they are doing it.

Helpful person

Despite all the bashing w3chools gets here, I've personally found it
very useful as a reference. Off hand I don't recall any errors in the
stuff I've looked up.

I agree with you. I found the site most useful when I first started
learning HTML / CSS. It is reasonably well organized and commands are
easy to find. I haven't used it recently because I am not presently
writing anything for the web.

However, I have learnt enough to realize that it is useful mainly as a
quick reference. I usually use the HTML / CSS specs if I need more
(and exact) information. I have also asked questions on this forum
from which I have always received excellent advice. (Thank you.)

I have found htmldog, which seems to have favor with the experts here,
although useful, so disorganized that I stopped using it.



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