Wanted: Samples Fancy Controls and Datagrids


Siegfried Heintze

I have spent the last couple months coding an extremely elaborate set of
data entry/editing pages in Perl/CGI. I believe I have convinced my client
that ASP.NET is a good thing and may have the oppertunity to switch from
Perl CGI to ASP.NET in the next sub-project.

However, consider what I have done with Perl/CGI and Client side Javascript:

Datagrids that conditionally and dynamically expose and hide columns and
rows (done with DHTML).
Drop down select boxes that dynamically change their contents in response to
other select boxes (done with DHTML).
Datagrids bound whose column headers are defined in another database table
(done with server side perl).
Column header text in datagrids that dynamically changes (DHTML).
Datagrids that display the database rows vertically instead of horizontally
(done with server side perl).

(1) Are there any examples of these techniques with ASP.NET?
(2) Would I have to code most of my controls my hand to implement the above
(3) Assuming the answer to the last question is yes, I'm wondering where I
would get my best productivity and maintainability. I've written 1700 lines
of code generators in Emacs that generates Perl code that implements the
above features. I'd probably have to start over with custom ASP.NET controls
and hope I can reuse them.
(4) Is ASP.NET advantagous if I have implement all my own datagrids and
select boxes as custom controls and rarely get to reuse them? The separation
of HTML from code from data is suppose to be a big deal in ASP.NET, but
doesn't this feature assume you can use standard controls and datagrids and
don't have to code your own custom controls?