Web Service invocation from behind proxy behind firewall




i have a webservice and it's client in dotnet.
the client is coded to assign the proxy property to the service object, with the proxy url and authentication details.

however, there is a particular configuration with seperate proxy and firewall where the invocation does not work.

the network traces show that the client sends TCP ack=0 packets to the webserver, but does not get any response.

apparantly the firewall is blocking the response from the webserver.

my query is:
how do i code for the configuration where the proxy is a seperate entity from the firewall?

from the sniffs ( comparing successful sniffs and failed ones )
it appears that the client sends the initial request from a random port towards which the http response from the webserver is directed and my understanding was that webservice communications do not need any port but 80 to be opened at the server as well as the client.

Thanks in advance for any help in this direction



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