Windows apostacy


Malcolm McLean

I've had Unix systems at work, probably more often than I've had Windows.
But until now I've always used Windows for hobby programming.
Whilst in the good old days Microsoft were very good to developers, and all
the problems like the 640k lower RAM limit were the result of good faith
mistakes, they've gradually shifted to the attitude that if they make it
difficult for developers to do what the developer wants to do, the
developer will do what Microsoft wants them to do. So you've got to fiddle
with hidden options withe the latest compiler, in order to get it to
compile a commandline ANSI C program. Then it spits out warnings about the
standard library. I' getting fed up.
Well my father bought a new computer. So his old one has been converted to
Lubuntu ( a version of Ubuntu designed for elderly machines). It took me
all day to get the OS installed and "hello world" written. My first thought
is that at least it runs. When my father had it running Windows it was
very unresponsive. Now it puts up windows and dismisses them snappily.

If the experiment is a success, I might ditch MS altogether.


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