WTC Towers: The Case For Controlled Demolition

Discussion in 'C Programming' started by, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. In this article we show that "top-down" controlled demolition
    accurately accounts for the collapse times of the World Trade Center
    towers. A top-down controlled demolition can be simply characterized
    as a "pancake collapse" of a building missing its support columns.
    This demolition profile requires that the support columns holding a
    floor be destroyed just before that floor is collided with by the
    upper falling masses. The net effect is a pancake-style collapse at
    near free fall speed.

    This model predicts a WTC 1 collapse time of 11.38 seconds, and a WTC
    2 collapse time of 9.48 seconds. Those times accurately match the
    seismographic data of those events.1 Refer to equations (1.9) and
    (1.10) for details.

    It should be noted that this model differs massively from the "natural
    pancake collapse" in that the geometrical composition of the structure
    is not considered (as it is physically destroyed). A natural pancake
    collapse features a diminishing velocity rapidly approaching rest due
    the resistance offered by the columns and surrounding "steel mesh".


    A top-down controlled demolition of a building is considered as

    1. An initial block of j floors commences to free fall.

    2. The floor below the collapsing block has its support structures
    disabled just prior the collision with the block.

    3. The collapsing block merges with the momentarily levitating floor,
    increases in mass, decreases in velocity (but preserves momentum), and
    continues to free fall.

    4. If not at ground floor, goto step 2.

    Let j be the number of floors in the initial set of collapsing floors.
    Let N be the number of remaining floors to collapse.
    Let h be the average floor height.
    Let g be the gravitational field strength at ground-level.
    Let T be the total collapse time.

    Using the elementary motion equation

    distance = (initial velocity) * time + 1/2 * acceleration * time^2

    We solve for the time taken by the k'th floor to free fall the height
    of one floor

    [1.1] t_k=(-u_k+(u_k^2+2gh))/g

    where u_k is the initial velocity of the k'th collapsing floor.

    The total collapse time is the sum of the N individual free fall times

    [1.2] T = sum(k=0)^N (-u_k+(u_k^2+2gh))/g

    Now the mass of the k'th floor at the point of collapse is the mass of
    itself (m) plus the mass of all the floors collapsed before it (k-1)m
    plus the mass on the initial collapsing block jm.

    [1.3] m_k=m+(k-1)m+jm =(j+k)m

    If we let u_k denote the initial velocity of the k'th collapsing
    floor, the final velocity reached by that floor prior to collision
    with its below floor is

    [1.4] v_k=SQRT(u_k^2+2gh)

    which follows from the elementary equation of motion

    (final velocity)^2 = (initial velocity)^2 + 2 * (acceleration) *

    Conservation of momentum demands that the initial momentum of the k'th
    floor equal the final momemtum of the (k-1)'th floor.

    [1.5] m_k u_k = m_(k-1) v_(k-1)

    Substituting (1.3) and (1.4) into (1.5)
    [1.6] (j + k)m u_k= (j + k - 1)m SQRT(u_(k-1)^2+ 2gh)

    Solving for the initial velocity u_k

    [1.7] u_k=(j + k - 1)/(j + k) SQRT(u_(k-1)^2+2gh)

    Which is a recurrence equation with base value

    [1.8] u_0=0

    The WTC towers were 417 meters tall and had 110 floors. Tower 1 began
    collapsing on the 93rd floor. Making substitutions N=93, j=17 , g=9.8
    into (1.2) and (1.7) gives

    [1.9] WTC 1 Collapse Time = sum(k=0)^93 (-u_k+(u_k^2+74.28))/9.8 =
    11.38 sec
    u_k=(16+ k)/(17+ k ) SQRT(u_(k-1)^2+74.28) ;/ u_0=0

    Tower 2 began collapsing on the 77th floor. Making substitutions N=77,
    j=33 , g=9.8 into (1.2) and (1.7) gives

    [1.10] WTC 2 Collapse Time =sum(k=0)^77 (-u_k+(u_k^2+74.28))/9.8 =
    9.48 sec
    u_k=(32+k)/(33+k) SQRT(u_(k-1)^2+74.28) ;/ u_0=0


    "Seismic Waves Generated By Aircraft Impacts and Building Collapses at
    World Trade Center ",


    This function returns the gravitational field strength in SI units.
    This function calculates the total time for a top-down demolition.
    _H - the total height of building
    _N - the number of floors in building
    _J - the floor number which initiated the top-down cascade (the 0'th
    floor being the ground floor)

    Simulates a top-down demolition of WTC 1 in SI units.
    Simulates a top-down demolition of WTC 2 in SI units.

    By Herman Schoenfeld
, Apr 6, 2008
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  2. This was bollocks two months ago, and it's bollocks now. **** off.
    Janitor of Lunacy, Apr 6, 2008
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    Ishtar Guest


    This is of no importance.

    The ruling group are not doing it to us.
    We are doing it all to ourselves.
    We created the ruling group from our collective mental illness.

    "Exposing corruption in the ruling group" is actually a case of
    exposing our collective mental illness.

    Your survivalist-mode mass scotoma conceals that simple truth from
    your thought processes at this time.

    We have a collective death wish, which includes a wish to revert to
    full-scale dictatorship worldwide, because reversion to a state of
    worldwide survivalist emergency, full-scale dictatorship, and inter-
    tribal war for limited resources, including large-scale collective
    vampirism and cannibalism without consent - all that is *associated in
    our brains and in our archetypes with physical survival* , and so we
    are in the process of arranging to re-enact our ancient history in
    that way....

    You ain't seen nothing yet, lads.....

    "The Trilogy of Truth"
    Ishtar, Apr 6, 2008

    Shaun Guest

    It was really skilled of the pilots to crash just above the floors the
    explosives were planted, in order to make it look like the collapse
    was caused by the massive structural damage of having a large jets fly
    into them
    Shaun, Apr 6, 2008

    GB Guest

    GB, Apr 6, 2008
  6. Gotta love the list of groups to which this is cross-posted...!
    This is just flat out wrong. First of all, modern office buildings
    always have armies of "building types" (janitors, workers, whatever you
    want to call them) coming and going all the time, doing "g*d knows what".

    At night (i.e., basically, after about 5:30) they're pretty much the
    only ones there, and they seem to wander the halls at will. I've often
    wondered just what it is they do, seemingly all night long (I work late
    hours myself and thus have opportunities to observe them).
    No comment.
    Kenny McCormack, Apr 6, 2008

    Spmbstr Guest

    wrote in

    Spmbstr, Apr 6, 2008
  8. <needless fullquote of garbage snipped>

    Could you please stop this nonsense? Spam is bad enough, its repition even
    Joachim Schmitz, Apr 6, 2008

    Guest Guest

    You mean the Securicom guys who worked for Marvin P. Bush? :)

    Guest, Apr 6, 2008
  10. You just don't get it. This guy *is* performing a service. It is up to
    you to configure your newsreader to take advantage of the service.

    I won't bore you further with details; you can (it is hoped) figure the
    rest out on your own.
    Kenny McCormack, Apr 6, 2008
  11. You sound as if you had told me several times already. You have not, so
    what's your point?
    This guy is replicating spam, is that the service you're referring to?
    Well, me too, only that I ask him to stop that 'service'.
    The only thing I can do is to configure my newsreader to ignore articles
    with a Subject of "[Spam]" or originating from a User that goers by the name
    of "Spmbstr", which I wouldn't need if these wouldn't exist and it does not
    prevent me from seeing the orginal spam article, hadn't my provider been
    kind enough to delete or hide if for me.

    When I see it I can verywell tell spam from non-span, so I don't need
    someone else telling me. And repeating the whole junk makes it even worse.
    Joachim Schmitz, Apr 6, 2008

    Richard Guest

    Are you really so naive as to think he will listen to you? Killfile
    him. if that does not work, do NOT reply to him. You only bring the post
    to the attention of those of us who have filtered these guys already
    otherwise. You're a decent poster - please don't go the "Chuck" route
    and think that everyone listens to you admonishing naughty posters.
    Richard, Apr 6, 2008

    Default User Guest

    [blah blah]
    Now work on telling the trolls from the human beings. (Hint, Kenny is a

    Default User, Apr 7, 2008

    Mike_B Guest

    Mike_B, Apr 7, 2008
  15. Yeah it was bollocks seven years ago too.

    "Undisputed Facts Point to the Controlled Demolition of WTC 7", why?

    Wargames, plane crashes into the building "drills", FEMA setup in NYC,
    post-faked timelines on 9/11, why?

    Evidence from the WTC site and crash sites are gone, i.e. unavailable to
    chemical analysis, small samples illustrate metal spallation along the
    lines of thermite reaction, why?

    "Ground Zero", why?


    Basically later to be considered a false flag operation, 9/11 shall go
    down in history as a massiave failure of representative democracy.

    Death to terrorists! I'm for mass hangings of terrorists, those who
    brought about this violence against thyeAmerican people to, via
    terrorism, affect your polotical aims! Death to terrorists! Death to

    That's what the Constitution, of the USA, says.

    As a firm believer in the rights of the mostly Bill of Rightsn of the
    Constitution whereby it was adopted, according to the framers, it's time
    to clean house.

    Hell, it's been a long time since it was time to take the criminals out
    of the USA and make the USA good again, taking the criminals away and
    punishing them.

    Welcome back, Frank.


    Ross A. Finlayson, Oct 31, 2008
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