xlwt 0.7.5 released!


Chris Withers

Hi All,

I'm pleased to announce the release of xlwt 0.7.5.

This release contains the following:

- Fixes a bug that could cause a corrupt SST in .xls files written by a
wide-unicode Python build.

- A ValueError is now raised immediately if an attempt is made to set
column width to other than an int in range(65536)

- Added the ability to set a custom RGB colour in the palette to use for
colours. Thanks to Alan Rotman for the work, although this could really
use an example in the examples folder...

- Fixed an issue trying to set a diagonal border using easyxf. Thanks to
Neil Etheridge for the fix.

- Fixed a regression from 0.7.2 when writing sheets with frozen panes.

If you find any problems, please ask about them on the
(e-mail address removed) list, or submit an issue on GitHub:


There's also details of all things Python and Excel related here:





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