XML for VHDL documention and structural description of Hardware SoC

Discussion in 'VHDL' started by Amontec Team, Jul 11, 2003.

  1. Amontec Team

    Amontec Team Guest

    Hi VHDL GNU men,

    Amontec is interested to build an auto-documentation of our VHDL
    libraries, cell-by-cell.

    The documentation will stay basic, like :
    general description
    port description
    generic description
    implementation description
    license description
    note description

    The goal is to do a interface documentation for the end-user.

    Now, we know the power of XML for this kind of documentation.
    The advantage of XML is the structural view like VHDL. Having a VHDL
    library documented in a XML format, we will be able to describe the
    hardware of a SoC very quickly, and to ask XML to re-generate a VHDL
    concatenated file of our XML description ... oopps)

    The start-point will becomes the end-point (VHDL bottom-up design to XML
    up-down design)

    I will be interested if some VHDL men have a VHDL to XML parser,
    thinking documentation only.

    Or is that better to do a parser to correct my VHDL libraries inserting
    directly the XML format in the vhdl comment.

    Let me know if some are interested to work with Amontec on this JOB.

    Laurent Gauch
    Amontec Team Manager
    Amontec Team, Jul 11, 2003
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