xmlBlueprint XML Editor 4.2 supports MathML and SVG

Discussion in 'XML' started by xmlBlueprint Team, Oct 21, 2006.

  1. Dear community,

    xmlBlueprint XML Editor 4.2.1017 is now available for free download at:

    This release makes it easier to edit, validate, transform and preview
    'visual' XML languages such as MathML and SVG.

    xmlBlueprint is the value-priced XML Editor for Windows, available for only
    US $45.00. It supports unicode (UTF-8 and UTF-16) and many different
    encodings. It runs on Windows '98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and
    Windows XP.

    Some of the major features of xmlBlueprint are:

    - Real-time XML Coloring.
    - Intelligent XML Completion.
    - Validation of DTDs, Relax NG Schemas, XML Schemas and XML Documents.
    - Easy XSLT Transformation.
    - Preview of visual XML languages such as MathML and SVG
    - XPath evaluation.
    - FTP and WebDAV.
    - Unicode support for Greek, Russian, etc.
    - Fast (native Windows application).
    - Only US $45.00.

    For more information about xmlBlueprint XML Editor, please visit our website

    Thanks for using xmlBlueprint!

    The xmlBlueprint Team.
    xmlBlueprint Team, Oct 21, 2006
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