A fix for pylab and TkAgg plotting in SAGE (Mac OS X)

Discussion in 'Python' started by Lou Pecora, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. Lou Pecora

    Lou Pecora Guest

    A few weeks ago I posted a problem with Mac OS X with matplotlib in the
    SAGE distribution in which attempting to import pylab gave an error
    message which stated that there was an import error and the module
    _tkagg could not be found. The problem appears to be with matplotlib
    (I'm not clear about this). After much searching and some emailing I
    have found a solution to this problem and it is easy to do.

    Full credit goes to Eric Sonnendrucker who sent it to me.

    Here it is:

    1) Download the Tcl/Tk sources (go to http://www.tcl.tk/, click on Get
    Tcl/Tk Now, click on Sources Download Page,, download the latest

    2) In the Terminal cd to the unix folder in the tcl folder. Compile the
    unix version (of Tcl and Tk) as follows
    ../configure --enable-framework --disable-xft
    make install

    3) Install SAGE from source. Download the SAGE source code (go to
    http://www.sagemath.org/, click on Download, click on Download complete
    source code). In the terminal cd to the SAGE folder and *before* you
    run the sage install you need to set


    using export SAGE_MATPLOTLIB_GUI=True with bash. The installer then
    picks it up automatically.

    Complete the SAGE installation by typing make and hit return. That's it.
    This will take a while (up to a few hours depending on the computer).

    4) You might also need to modify you matplotlibrc by setting
    backend='TkAgg' after the installation

    Test this by doing an import pylab in sage. You should not get an error.
    Lou Pecora, Feb 16, 2010
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