A replacement for about-to-be-closed NGs


Mark McGinty


To those of us who, for whatever reason, are still using "unsupported"
technologies, these news groups are a valuable resource. The quasi-related
forums to which Microsoft has invited us are hardly replacements, posts
'classic' technologies will be OT, and I'm sure pretty much everyone who
posts questions about them would rather see responses more meaningful than,
"consider upgrading to [something that is still supported]."

In hopes of filling the void that will be left by these pending closures,
I've added a section to a forum I created a couple of years ago,
www.deprecatethis.com. I created it after reading that the Windows API was
to be
deprecated. I think the sentiment applies here as well, so I'm offering it
as a
replacement -- of course it isn't a news group, but at least the questions
we used to post in these newsgroups will be on-topic. Another plus is that
the site admin (that would be me) will be highly receptive to suggestions,
making this a chance to shape a new community.

To be honest at this moment www.deprecatethis.com isn't much of a forum --
the software
(Yet Another Forum) is decent, but it isn't quite a hot-bed of discussion.
the only thing that has attracted any attention is a script I wrote to work
around the Send To->Mail Recipient problem in x64 with Office/Outlook
installed. That script is the only thing anyone (besides myself) has posted

But maybe all that will change, I've created forums for classic ADO, classic
ASP and VB6; any suggestions/requests for additional
forums are welcome. (Reasonable suggestions will be implemented promptly.)

I understand the preference for NNTP over web-based forums, but
unfortunately I lack the means to host an NNTP server, this is all I have to
offer, so... Please consider yourself invited to join.

-Mark McGinty

btw, if sending this post makes me a spammer, I apologize for the offense.
Ordinarily I wouldn't have done this but these NGs are going away soon, a
window is closing, so I figured what do I have to lose?

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