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Feb 15, 2021
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is a web server necessary to recieve the form data from the user's computer and then passes it to a server script?

is that right?

embarasing to ask, is that back end coding?

forms need to be both front end and back end for the form to be of use... see what i mean? both are needed?

any and all clarification, explanation is most appreciated :)

i know this must be a simple concept, but i ask for help here

many thanks!
Aug 22, 2023
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A web server is not required! This can be conducted using various applications that create local servers.
Jul 4, 2023
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For forms, you can use front-end pre-validation, but it's important to understand that this is only the first step in the validation process. Pre-validation on the front-end is useful for providing real-time feedback to users, correcting errors, and ensuring that data is entered correctly before it is sent to the server. However, you cannot rely solely on this form of validation because users can bypass or modify it. Therefore, server-side validation is also necessary.

Server-side validation is crucial for data security and integrity. After submitting the form to the server, the server must carefully verify and check all data. This is necessary to prevent incorrect data entry, malicious attacks or other potential problems. Only after full validation on the server side can you process the form data and perform specific actions, such as logging in the user to the selected service, entering data into the database, saving the data in the form of a selected result file on the server, etc.

Data from the form can also be sent directly to a specific e-mail address, but this requires server support or external services that offer e-mail sending functionality. For example, you can use email services such as Gmail or SendGrid, or email libraries in programming languages such as Node.js with the Nodemailer module for JavaScript. This way, form data can be processed and sent to email safely and efficiently, ensuring both user convenience and data security.

In summary, the front-end is responsible for the user interface, while the back-end handles data processing and server-side logic. They work together to make the form fully functional.

[ How to send a form to an email without any backend ]
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