Accessing WebService indirectly


Stefan Rosi

Hallo everybody,

I have programmed an ASP.NET site which communicates with the database using
a WebService.

Anyways the client wants to prevent that asp server from communicate
directly with the WebService, he wants to put a new computer between those
two servers, so that it redirects the requests from the Asp server to the
WebService ,and so the credentials can be stored in this new computer (i.e.
the asp server will not be able to access the WebService anymore directly)

I had two ideas to solve this problem

1- Build a new WebService between the ASP.NET server and the original
WebService, which has identical method and all what it does is calling the
same method on the WebService and returning the result. This method is very
inefficient because I have to keep the middle WebService always up-to-date

2- Use the WSDL.exe tool coming with the sdk to generate the source code of
the proxy and then modifying it a little bit by adding the credentials
....etc. before compiling it. And I was very happy as I found that the proxy
derives from SoapHttpClientProtocol which in order derives from
MarshalByRefObject. So I can be sure that the actual requests will be done
at the computer hosting this proxy (which has the right to access the
WebService) and on the ASP.NET which uses remoting just to get a reference
to the proxy by remoting.

Does anybody have a (better/another) idea?

Any suggestions will be appreciated

Best regards

Stefan Rosi



Dan Rogers

Sounds like a job for an ISA server... and not a programmer

This is often considered a 'firewall' or DMZ type requirement.

I hope this helps

Dan Rogers
Microsoft Corporation

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