Ajax - "exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation"



[ASP.Net 2005, WinXP SP2, IE7]

I have a GridView in an update panel, and the GridView has an
ObjectDataSource. Under certain conditions the Object that is the
ObjectDataSource will throw an exception with a specific error message, but
on the client side the only error message displayed is "exception has been
thrown by the target of an invocation". I would like the error message on
the client to show the error description the object provides when it throws
the error. Is there any way to do this? For clarification, I know exactly
why the exception is being thrown, and it should be thrown, so I'm not
trying to debug that, I'm just trying to figure out how to get the error
message alert box shown on the client side to show the actual InnerException
message instead of "exception has been thrown by the target of an
invocation". TIA



Walter Wang [MSFT]

Hi Monty,

You can handle the event "AsyncPostBackError" of the ScriptManager instance
on the WebForm to return a custom message whatever you want:

protected void ScriptManager1_AsyncPostBackError(object sender,
AsyncPostBackErrorEventArgs e)
if (e.Exception != null && e.Exception.InnerException != null)
ScriptManager1.AsyncPostBackErrorMessage =

Above code will correctly show the real exception's message.

Hope this helps.

Walter Wang ([email protected], remove 'online.')
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