[ANN] Camping 2.1 - ERB, Haml, 1.9, bug fixes, new website!


Magnus Holm

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <= _whycake
~ Camping 2.1 ~

I'm pleased to announce another release of Camping, the microframework. This
time we've focused on improving the 1.9 support, adding (builtin) support for
more template engines, refreshing the homepage and just general bug fixes.

gem install camping

Home: http://camping.rubyforge.org/
Code: http://github.com/camping/camping
Bugs: http://github.com/camping/camping/issues
List: http://rubyforge.org/mailman/listinfo/camping-list

Let's have a look:

~> ERB and Haml

Camping now includes support for Tilt (http://github.com/rtomayko/tilt) which
means that you'll get simple, effortless ERB and Haml support:

module App
# Path to where you want to store the templates
set :views, File.dirname(__FILE__) + '/views'

module App::Controllers
class Index
def get
render :index

Now you just need to add a views/index.haml or views/index.erb and it'll
render that instead of using Markaby. You can still use Markaby of course!

If you want to change any options for either ERB or Haml, you can use #set:

module App
set :haml, { :escape_html => true }
set :erb, { :trim => "%" }

~> New homepage

Bluebie has designed an excellent new homepage for Camping:


It should have links to pretty much everything you need to know about
Camping. As soon as possible we'll also try to integrate it with the GitHub
wiki and make everything more easily editable, so you can add your own links

We've also started a blog at http://campingrb.tumblr.com/, where we'll keep
you up-to-date on the Camping development and community.

~> _whyday!

It's the 19th August today, so that means it's Whyday: http://whyday.org/

Camping 2.1 is our little contribution :)

I should mention that many of these changes has been available for a *looong*
time in the source, but we felt that Whyday was a perfect occasion for
finally releasing 2.1.

I'd actually recommend to try out the experimental version if there's been a
while since the latest release. See the installation page in the wiki for
information, and subscribe to http://campingrb.tumblr.com/ to get a sneak
preview of the latest changes in Camping!

Have fun and enjoy both Whyday and Camping!


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