[ANN] Equipment (for Camping) v0.1.0

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Jonas Pfenniger

Hello !

I'm happy to release my first library in the ruby world !

Equipment is a Camping (the 4k framework) extensions library. It adds
various utilities that you may find useful for your apps. It also puts
some think food for future Camping versions I hope.

Actual available equipments :

* Ext::AppUtil : Access to your app from an extension.
* Ext::ErubyView : Add Erb/Erubis template handling to your app.
* Ext::Flash : Flash data (like in rails).
* Ext::Forward : Forward a request (only for 1337 ppl).
* Ext::Mount : Mount a path as a Controller. Dir listing also available.
* Ext::patches : A set of patches for Camping to change some things.
* Ext::Sendfile : Provides `sendfile`. Mime-type detection. Uses
sendfile with mongrel if available.
* Ext::TemplateView : Extension that changes camping to allow easy
adding of other templating languages.
* Ext::UseHelper : Tell your template what scripts your view is using.
* Ext::XmlView : Basic Xml builder. Ripped from some _why app. Ugly yet.

Lots of other extensions are going to follow in the next weeks. I hope
you'll like them.

Rubyforge project : http://rubyforge.org/projects/equipment/
Gems, zip and tgz available.
ADVICE : Look in the package's example folder.


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