ANNOUNCE: new version beta0.84 available



Hello All,

A new version beta 0.84 is now available. The following changes and
additions have occurred.

1. Added eps,pdf,svg,png,gif,and emf file formats to SE
2. Added bus value button so H L Z and X now work with busses
3. Added IncDecBusValueCommand (increment and decrement use undo/
4. Added IncDecSpaceAboveCommand (making space above a signal uses
5. Updated pop-up context sensitive menus
6. Updated script window open and close positions
7. Updated help user manual.
8. Fixed updateBusValueCommand (previously, the next edge pt1 was
not updated )
9. Fixed double click on bus value made a new edge

You can download the Free Edition now and read all about the
TimingAnalyzer at:


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