Apache/FastCGI with Ruby on Windows


Carl Youngblood

I've compiled fastcgi support into my windows version of Ruby (1.6.8),
and I've compiled Apache 2.0 for Windows with support for the fastcgi
module. Now I'm trying to test it and see if I can run a simple fastcgi
ruby script. I got a sample script from Ara Howard that seems to work
fine when I run it in offline mode from the command line. However, when
I try to pull it up in a browser Apache can't do it. Here is the error
line in the Apache log:

[Thu Aug 28 11:02:55 2003] [crit] (OS 193)%1 is not a valid Win32
application. : FastCGI: can't start (dynamic) server
"C:/Apache2/htdocs/pt/fcgiapp.rb": spawn_fs_process() failed

It seems to be calling fastcgi correctly, but for some reason it doesn't
recognize the ruby script as a win32 app. In case it is helpful, here
is my httpd.conf directive for this subdir:

<Location /pt>
SetHandler fastcgi-script
Options +Indexes +ExecCGI

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Has anyone else gotten
apache/fastcgi/ruby working on windows or am I entering uncharted
territory here?

Many thanks,
Carl Youngblood


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