ASP.NET 2.0/XHTML 1.1 Table Height Display Issue




First and foremost I'll describe a bit about my problem: I'm trying to
make a site layout using ASP.NET 2.0 in Visual Studio .NET 2005 Beta 2.
The site is a table based layout that is supposed to consume the entire
viewing area (oldschool HTML was <table width="100%" height="100%">).
This is not as easy as it sounds using the forementioned technologies.
I am using some ASP.NET 2.0 controls that specifically depend on the
way browsers render XHTML 1.1, so it's not as easy as just removing the
doctype tag.

I've done a lot of searching around on this topic so these are things
that should be noted, this should also be useful for people who have
experienced similar circumstances:

-The W3C XHTML and CSS 2.1 specifications have deprecated the width and
height attributes of tables and their cells. When using XHTML the
appropriate method of setting the width and height of a table or one of
it's child nodes is to use a css style (ie: <table style="width:100%;

-CSS 2.1 has a very strict container sizing rule. When setting the
height of an object to 100% it is only supposed to be as tall as it's
container, this includes html, body, and form tags. In order to get
something to fit the browser window you would need a css style similar
to the following:

html, body {
width: 100%;
height: 100%;

With that said, those are all things that I have learned this evening,
and they have helped tremendously. Now that I have implemented those
fixes, however, my table stretches WAY beyond the bottom of the viewing
area when using Internet Explorer. While using Firefox everything is
displayed correctly.

Unfortunately, it's getting very late and I am unable to make a file
that can reproduce this error at this time and I am unable to show the
source of the current site because there is a lot of proprietary
information within it. What I'm hoping is that somebody will recognize
or understand the problem I have run into, or perhaps be able to help
me troubleshoot it.







The only way I found to make a page consume the whole browser window and not
more is to implement a client script that sets absolute values to the pixelWidth and pixelHeight properties.

In IE I used setExpression to make the values dynamic and for other browsers
I handle the apropriate event of the body to catch the change of browser
window's size and reset properties.

Content is sized to "100%" in my case.

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