ASP.NET Oracle - Using ODP for .net - HANG Issue...




We are having an application that uses ASP.Net / Oracle DB /
ODP for .net with connection pooling on

We are using ODP .Net

We have set the parameters as below in the web.config file

<add key="ERSDBConnectionString" value="Password=yyyy;User ID=zzzz;Data
Source=xxxx;Persist Security Info=true;pooling=true;Min Pool Size=2;Max
Pool Size=100;Incr Pool Size=2; Decr Pool Size=1;Connection
Lifetime=1;Connection Timeout=2;"></add>

We are using REF Cursors and XML Type datatypes in the Stored Procs

We are linking to 5 other diff databases(4 Oracle and 1 SQL Server)

Once our application hits the place where we are using xmltypes the
application creates some sessions which dont get killed
We tried all possible parameters and their values for Connection
Pooling but no use

Once we turn the conn pooling off, the application works fine for ever
with out any hanging
But is very slow

Also by the time the application hangs we have accessed only the other
Oracle databases and not the one single SQL Server database.

Any pointers on how to solve this issue.

We started with 9.2.01 then started applying all available pached of
oracle and are in now

I would really appreciate any quick response.



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