Basic compile question

Discussion in 'ASP General' started by test, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. test

    test Guest

    When .aspx and .vb are first put onto the server and someone launches
    the file, it is then compiled into binary. Does this happen only once
    when the first user tries to launch it?

    test, Jan 7, 2010
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  2. test

    Bob Barrows Guest


    ***canned wrong-newsgroup reply************************
    There was no way for you to know it (except maybe by browsing through some
    of the previous questions in this newsgroup before posting yours - always a
    recommended practice) , but this is a classic (COM-based) asp newsgroup.
    ASP.Net bears very little resemblance to classic ASP so, while you may be
    lucky enough to find a dotnet-knowledgeable person here who can answer your
    question, you can eliminate the luck factor by posting your question to a
    group where those dotnet-knowledgeable people hang out. I suggest
    microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.aspnet or the forums at
    Bob Barrows, Jan 7, 2010
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  3. test

    test Guest

    Thanks Bob, I added the other newgroup to my list.
    test, Jan 7, 2010
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