Button click event not firing on production IIS server?

Discussion in 'ASP .Net Web Controls' started by JohnH., Mar 29, 2005.

  1. JohnH.

    JohnH. Guest

    I'm obviously not looking in the right place to find the source of
    this problem. Anybody got any ideas where to look?

    I have an ASP.NET c# application w/ several pages that have buttons.
    On my development IIS server everything works fine. When I publish my
    code to a pre-productions staging area everything works fine. When I
    move the code to our productions environment the buttons click events
    for the buttons on one page stop firing.

    (1) The buttons on all of the other pages work fine in production.
    (2) I have cycled this code from development to staging to production
    several times and the buttons on this problem page have always worked
    fine in the past.
    (3) All of the buttons on this page have stopped firing.
    (4) My Page directive has these settings:
    (5) I am attaching the event handlers as delegates. I've traced
    through the code on the production server and the event handler
    delegate functions are getting attached to the buttons they are just
    not firing.
    (6) The development and production servers are both Windows 2003
    Servers w/ all of the latest patches, and .Net Framework v1.1 w/ SP1.
    (7) I did make changes to the problem page, but nothing (famous last
    words) that should effect the buttons.

    I've searched MSDN, Technet, Google, and news groups. I'm pulling
    my hair out. Anybody got any ideas?

    JohnH., Mar 29, 2005
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  2. Ken Cox [Microsoft MVP], Mar 30, 2005
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  3. JohnH.

    JohnH. Guest


    You are the man!!! That fixed it. I'm little puzzled because the
    symptoms did not exactly match the knowledge base article. But, I went
    ahead and ran aspnet_regiis.exe and the buttons started firing. Thanks
    for responding to my post.

    JohnH., Mar 30, 2005
  4. Hey John,

    Glad you got going again!
    Ken Cox [Microsoft MVP], Mar 30, 2005
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