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Discussion in 'C++' started by sterta bole, Aug 27, 2012.

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    - C++and OpenGL on Android with the NDK
    Ian presents how to use the Android NDK to program in C++ with STL.
    The presentation was given about a week before NDK-r5 came out so the
    parts about using a modified tool-chain are outdated
    DOWNLOAD http://hitfile.net/aL1K

    -C++ programming on Android
    Android is a Java-centric mobile operating system built on top of
    Linux. For those times when the Android API doesn't do what you want,
    or doesn't do it fast enough, you can always get down-and-dirty with C/
    C++. The author discusses the hows and whys of so-called "native"
    programming in Android and shows some examples
    DOWNLOAD http://hitfile.net/ABw3

    -String Calculator Kata in C++
    Create a simple String calculator
    DOWNLOAD http://hitfile.net/vA5q

    -C++ And TDD
    video TDD in C++ using the Eclipse CDT and CppUTest.
    DOWNLOAD http://hitfile.net/R41w

    -C++ Convert Integers to Roman Numerals
    This tutorial will show how to create a C++ console application that
    will convert any integer into a roman numeral.
    DOWNLOAD http://hitfile.net/cAVz
    sterta bole, Aug 27, 2012
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