Calling a JK flipflop through a procedure

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    Sep 13, 2006
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    I am getting an uninitialized (U) Q and Qnot when I call a procedure that describes a JK flipflop wih both inputs to be the same:

    library ieee;
    use ieee.std_logic_1164.all;

    entity UpDownCounter is
    port(CLK : std_logic;
    J, K : in std_logic;
    Qo, QNOTo, J1orK1, UP, DOWNin : inout std_logic;
    QoUP, QNOToDOWN, DOWN : inout std_logic;
    Q_1, QNOT_1 : inout std_logic);
    end UpDownCounter;

    architecture UpDownCounterProcedure of UpDownCounter is
    --This procedure describes a two-input AND gate with zero delay
    procedure and2 (Ap, Bp : in std_logic; Cp : out std_logic) is
    if Ap = '1' and Bp = '1'
    then Cp := '1';
    else Cp := '0';
    end if;
    end procedure and2;

    --This procedure describes a two-input OR gate with zero delay
    procedure or2 (Ap, Bp : in std_logic; Cp : out std_logic) is
    variable Cp_temp : std_logic;
    if Ap = '0' and Bp = '0'
    then Cp_temp := '0';
    else Cp_temp := '1';
    end if;
    Cp := Cp_temp;
    end procedure or2;

    --This procedure describes a JK flipflop
    procedure jkff (Jp, Kp : in std_logic; Qp, QNOTp : inout std_logic) is

    variable Qp_temp, QNOTp_temp : std_logic;
    if Jp = '1' and Kp = '0'
    then Qp_temp := '1';
    elsif Jp = '0' and Kp = '1'
    then Qp_temp := '0';
    elsif Jp = '0' and Kp = '0'
    then Qp_temp := Qp;
    else Qp_temp := not Qp;
    end if;

    Qp := Qp_temp;
    QNOTp_temp := not Qp_temp;
    QNOTp := QNOTp_temp;
    end procedure jkff;

    --this procedure describes an inverter
    procedure inv (DOWNp : in std_logic; variable DOWNp_out : inout std_logic) is
    if DOWNp = '0'
    then DOWNp_out := '1';
    else DOWNp_out := '0';
    end if ;
    end procedure inv;


    counter : process (J, K, UP, DOWNin, CLK)
    variable DOWNout, QoUPout, QNOToDOWNout, Qout, QNOTout : std_logic;
    variable Qout_1, QNOTout_1 : std_logic;
    variable J1orK1out, K1 : std_logic;

    if rising_edge(CLK) then
    --calling to the procedure JKflipflop for FF0
    jkff (J, K, Qout, QNOTout); -- working properly
    Qo <= Qout;
    QNOTo <= QNOTout;

    --calling inverter procedure
    inv (DOWNin, DOWNout);
    DOWN <= DOWNout;

    -- calling two and gates through procedure and2
    and2 (Qout, UP, QoUPout);
    QoUP <= QoUPout;
    and2 (DOWNout, QNOTout, QNOToDOWNout);

    -- calling or2 procedure
    or2 (QNOToDOWNout, QoUPout, J1orK1out);
    J1orK1 <= J1orK1out;

    -- calling procedure JKfliflop for FF1
    jkff(J1orK1out, J1orK1out, Qout_1, QNOTout_1); --same inputs give me problem

    --Qout_1 and QNOT_1 get a value of 'U' all thru the simulation
    --please tell me what I am doing wrong, and how I can fix it.

    end if;
    end process counter;
    end UpDownCounterProcedure;
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    willie, Sep 13, 2006
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