Can I detect if there is more than one browser using the same session?


Big Daddy

There are a few things that I store in the session cache hashtable for
our application. The user gets a session when they log into the
application. They can open more than one browser window using the same
session by doing things like:

If they right click on a link and select "Open in new window" from
the context menu.

If they hit CTRL-N to open a new browser.

But I don't want to allow them to do this because it causes problems
in the way my application uses the stuff saved in the session cache.
Is there any way to detect that a second browser is using the same
session? Like is there a unique ID for each browser window that I
could look at to see if it's different from one postback to the next?

Thanks in advance,



Mark Fitzpatrick

Not in any fashion that I've ever discovered. The web server's id that it
uses for the browser is the session state id. Nowadays, browser
manufactureres (and users) don't like the browser to supply too many
distinguishing characteristics or identifiers that could be used to tack the
user or their browser in any manner.