Code a web service with python/postgis



Dear all,

I would like code a web service with python. I have already imported
several vector data
(land cover) and one Digital Elevation Model (raster layer) into my
database (server side).

I succeed in connecting to my pg db via psycopg2.

Client side, operators use a client application (Developed with PHP /
javascript /

Objectives : Client side, once the layer would be selected,and once
the operators have
clicked on the map , they would like that usefull informations appear
on the interface
of the client application(kind of land cover, z of the DEM).

=> Regarding my python script, i have to type a SQL query in order to
select usefull
informations of the db layers. And, of course, the information must
depend on geographic
coordinates (Latitude Y/Longitute X).
In a 2nd time, my script must produce a result(JSon type) for the
client side.

It would be possible to help me regarding the coding in order to
select usefull
informations of the db layers. (depends on geographic coordinates x/y
? Could you throw
light for me regarding the way to do this SQL query ?

In advance, thank you to throw light for me.

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