CRF in Java

Discussion in 'Java' started by Subhabrata, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. Subhabrata

    Subhabrata Guest

    Dear Group,

    I do not know whether this is a right post in this room. If I am wrong
    please guide me or correct me.

    I was looking for Conditional Random Field(CRF) implementation in
    I got hold of Lingpipe.

    I followed their tutorial and imported all the files in Eclipse.
    I can see them in the package explorer as,"Alias-i LingPipe".

    But now I have to run them, and see the things. If any one can kindly
    point out any early example of any module or any good tutorial or any
    room to discuss or any other CRF package in Java with good tutorial,

    Subhabrata, Apr 18, 2013
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  2. Subhabrata

    Roedy Green Guest

    Roedy Green, Apr 20, 2013
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