Debugging VB6 Dll from ASP.NET



I see several postings on this subject but no real solutions.

I am trying to call a dll running in the VB6 IDE debugger from ASP.Net.
This always results in a QueryInterface error. However, I am able to
make the same call from a .Net Windows Form. It is specific to
ASP.Net. Another strange tidbit, I can overcome the problem by
changing the variable type of the VB6 object in my code to
Object. When I change it back to the actual class type, the
queryinterface error returns.

Example code in an ASP.Net class:
'This allows me to step into the VB6 debugger
Dim x as Object
x = new VB6Class

'This fails with a QueryInterface error
Dim x as VB6Class
x = new VB6Class

I am using .Net Framework 1.1.

I don't want to change all of my class types to Object everytime I need
to step into a COM component.

Any assistance in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.



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