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Discussion in 'ASP .Net Building Controls' started by AlexB, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. AlexB

    AlexB Guest

    I just set up WinSer2008. it is my second install. I have a 1600x1200
    resolution monitor. In my first install I could not get it higher than
    1024x768 pixels. It seemed there was no driver available.

    With this install (a new machine with a larger disk drive) I first had an
    option to set the resolution to what I wanted: 1600x1200 but the DPI was 90.
    When I looked at the screen I realized that texts were too small for me. I
    clicked accessibility and changed it to 120. Well, it needs a reboot and
    after it came back that resolution DISAPPEARED! No option for higher
    resolution was available. My gosh, my heart sank. As a coward I quickly
    changed it back to 90 DPI, another reboot but no luck. the slider bar has no
    option to move it past 1024x768. How do you like it? It almost like my single
    intervention wiped out some drivers.

    i would really appreciate if someone will help me to restore a decent
    resolution because it is just a nuisance.

    AlexB, Feb 4, 2009
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