For standalone ruby application which library is best ?

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by Fahim Patel, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. Fahim Patel

    Fahim Patel Guest

    Hello folks,

    Please let me know which library is best for standalone ruby application. Which one is best between "wxRuby2" and "tk"?

    Thanks! in Advance.

    Best Regards
    Fahim Babar Patel
    Fahim Patel, Apr 9, 2014
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  2. Fahim Patel

    Quintus Guest

    Hi Fahim,
    Neither. wxRuby2 is not under active development anymore, and Tk tends
    to look 90ies-style. I recommend you to either use the gtk2 or gtk3
    gems, or go with Qt (not sure how the gems are named here). A college
    of mine works on new bindings of wxWidgets 3 to Ruby:

    However, it is not ready yet.
    Quintus, Apr 22, 2014
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