fprintf slower than printf and redirect?


Nomen Nescio

To the OP, please see "(part 50) Han from China answers
your C questions", which is either here now or will be
here shortly.

Han from China

All my posts will have subjects containing the words "Han from
China" or "Han from China's". This is so people can easily killfile
me if they wish and all replies to me. Many of the regulars on
comp.lang.c have expressed difficulty in killfiling both a poster
AND all replies to that poster - witness comments along the lines
of "I've killfiled XXX [I promise. Really!], but I'm seeing XXX's
stupid comments in your reply to XXX. [So therefore I simply must
reply to those comments like the uncontrolled sniping weasel I am.]"
There are 3 posting IDs that my gateways randomly assign me: George
Orwell, Nomen Nescio, and Borked Pseudo Mailed. You can killfile
those too if you wish. Other than that, my posts have a highly
consistent format as well, which also aids with killfiles. For those
who want to join me in a mature discussion of the C programming
language and aid one another's understanding, standard advice
applies: Don't Feed The Trolls. If you ignore them, eventually
they'll get bored and go away. Thank you and good luck with your
C programming. Update: To mark the 50th part of my series, I will
now be replying in-thread to redirect OPs to my series posts
out-thread. This is after observing that many of these OPs aren't
looking at other threads. I was going to limit myself to replying
in-thread and stop my series posts altogether, but that still has
the problem with the regulars who don't know how to killfile
both a poster and all replies to that poster. To compromise, I'll
keep my in-thread redirection messages very short and end all
in-thread messages with my usual close for easy killfiling purposes.
This way, there's nothing about C to reply to, so any replies that
escape the regulars' killfiles aren't my problem. If I see a
significant reduction in weasel sniping in-thread, which is unfair
on people who wish to killfile me and any insults about me, I'll
end my series altogether and limit myself to in-thread replies.
I still can't inject a "References" header though, so I'm assuming
that if I use the same subject line as the original message,
most newsreaders will or can be made to thread properly.]


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