Game Programming Clinic and Online Gaming at PyCon

Discussion in 'Python' started by Jeff Rush, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. Jeff Rush

    Jeff Rush Guest

    At PyCon this year we're going to have a multi-day game programming clinic and
    challenge. This is a first-time event and an experiment to find those in the
    Python community who enjoy playing and creating games. Python has several
    powerful modules for the creation of games among which are PyGame and PyOpenGL.

    On Friday evening, Phil Hassey will give an introduction to his game Galcon,
    an awesome high-paced multi-player galactic action-strategy game. You send
    swarms of ships from planet to planet to take over the galaxy. Phil will be
    handing out free limited-time licenses to those present. He will also be glad
    to talk about the development of Galcon using PyGame.

    After the Friday PSF Members meeting lets out around 8:40pm, Richard Jones
    will give his 30-60 minute introduction to the PyGame framework so you too can
    get started writing games.

    On Saturday evening, Lucio Torre and Alejandro J. Cura, who have come from
    Argentina to give the talk "pyweek: making games in 7 days" Friday afternoon,
    will help people develop their games in the clinic room with mini-talks on
    various game technologies.

    On Sunday evening Lucio and Alejandro will be around to help with further
    development issues, and Richard Jones will be back to present more about
    PyGame and help reach a group concensus on what to work on during the
    GameSprint. Richard also runs PyWeek, a bi-annual python game programming
    challenge online.

    Phil will also be back helping people get into playing Galcon and everyone can
    get into multiplayer challenges against those who show up.

    And then during the four days of sprinting, the group will compete to produce
    a working game meeting agreed upon requirements and then decide who has best
    achieved those.

    This overall gaming track is informal, with people coming and going, and
    others are welcome to get involved in giving mini-talks or showing off their

    Specific rooms and times can be found on the birds-of-a-feature wiki page at:

    The wiki page for collecting game clinic ideas is at:

    And the wiki page for the game sprint is at:

    Want to get a head start? Follow the online lectures about PyGame at:

    And to get your laptop ready, check out the installation and testing
    instructions about half way down the page at:

    You can also check out the game Galcon at:

    See you later this week,

    Jeff Rush
    Co-Chair PyCon 2007
    Jeff Rush, Feb 18, 2007
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