Help: Connecting to a password-protected webservice through a proxy server (ISA 2000)


Hanz Gruuber


I am trying to access a webservice that uses windows' "built-in
authentication" and my client program must acccess it through an ISA
firewall. At first, i was able to connect to the webservice when outside of
the firewall without a problem, but once the client program was running
behind the ISA firewall, i began to receive 407 errors (proxy authentication
required). I then associated a proxy with the webservice and it appears as
though i am properly authenticating with the ISA server. But, I am now
receiving a 401 error, which leads me to beleive that i am now properly
authenticating through the ISA server, but i am no longer being properly
authenticated by the web service. Below is the function that i'm using to
connect to my web service trough the ISA server.

I would like to know if anyone can tell me where i'm going wrong here or
offer some suggestions.... (note: any variables that appear to not be
declared in my function are declared as private members of the class...
outside of the function.


Private Sub createWebserviceWithCredentials()
Dim userName, password, domain As String
userName = Me.txtUserName.Text
password = Me.txtPassword.Text
domain = Me.txtDomain.Text

'Declare Web Service and proxy
ws = New windowsClient.localhost.dataService
pr = New WebProxy("", True)

'Build Proxy Credentials
proxy_user_credentialsProp = New NetworkCredential("proxyUser",
"proxyPW", "proxyDomain")
pr.Credentials = proxy_user_credentialsProp

'Associate proxy with webservice
ws.Proxy = pr

'Build and associate web service with credentials
webservice_user_credentialsProp = New NetworkCredential(userName,
password, domain)
ws.Credentials = webservice_user_credentialsProp
End Sub


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